November 7, 2021

Domestic Violence And The Muslim Community

What is Domestic Violence?  Domestic violence is a pattern of ongoing hurtful, manipulative, or controlling activities, including physical, sexual, financial, religious, psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse.  […]
October 1, 2021

Muslim Canadians Who Won in the 2021 Federal Election

The 2021 Canadian Federal Election took place on Monday, September 20, 2021.  The following is a list of newly elected and re-elected Members of Parliament who […]
October 1, 2021

10 Tested Ways To Overcome Porn Addiction

A well-meaning religious counselor once advised me to consider getting married in order to overcome my porn addiction. After no luck giving it up, I considered […]
October 1, 2021

Irregular Menses: How To Manage Prayer & Fasting?

Question As-Salamu `alaykum. I am middle aged and approaching menopause. My periods are very irregular in every way— when they come, how long they last, how […]
October 1, 2021

The status of women in Islam

In society today we sees people around the world celebrating days such as: world women’s day which is then shortly followed by a day to acknowledge […]
October 1, 2021

Islamic History Month Canada 2021 Theme: “Anti-Indigenous Racism and Islamophobia: coming together for a month of healing”

Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) in October aims to celebrate, inform, educate, and share with fellow Canadians the rich Muslim heritage and contributions to society: Contributions […]
September 15, 2021

Earth’s Caretakers: Islam and the Environment

Our planet is at risk. If human beings continue to contribute to the destruction of the earth, the risk of greater harm increases for every generation. […]
September 13, 2021

How Is Islamic Finance Failing the Real Test?

Islamic Finance is booming around the globe. Currently, there are around 500 Islamic banks operating in 75 countries around the world. Islamic finance is growing at […]
September 13, 2021

What is Halal? Is ‘Halal’ for Muslims only?

In Islam, Halal is an Arabic term meaning “lawful or permissible” and not only encompasses food and drink, but all matters of daily life. The quality […]