Justin Theroux prevails in boundary beef with Greenwich Village neighbor

“Leftovers” actor Justin Theroux scored a big victory Tuesday in a bizarre boundary dispute with his downstairs neighbor in a Greenwich Village co-op, though there were signs it was far from over.

The hunky actor has been locked in a two-year feud with his neighbor, attorney Norman Resnicow, over a 40-square-foot strip of roof deck. The beef escalated into accusations that Theroux, who was famously married to Jennifer Aniston, neglected his dogs. The actor countered that Resnicow spied on him and abused his wife – an allegation Resnicow strongly denied. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits, after conducting an analysis of the legal definition of “stairs,” determined the slice of property was rightfully Theroux’s. The judge also ruled that Resnicow had repeatedly trespassed on Theroux’s property.

He cited two occasions in 2017 when Resnicow spoke with contractors working on Theroux’s apartment and when the lawyer walked onto his rival’s portion of the roof deck “to secure a plastic outdoor light fixture” in case of strong winds. The judge didn’t buy Resnicow’s claim that he was prescribed a steroid inhaler because of a leak from Theroux’s apartment. “This court finds that Mr. Resnicow is liable for trespassing on Mr. Theroux’s property,” Lebovits wrote in an 11-page decision. The judge said money damages would be determined at trial.

If the case goes before a jury, it’s likely to get nasty. Shortly before the ruling was published, a lawyer for Resnicow fired back at Theroux’s recent allegations that Resnicow was “engaging in obsessive, peeping Tom-like conduct.” “Actually, Theroux has acted as provocateur,” Resnicow’s attorney Peter Levine wrote. “While Mr. Resnicow was on his side of the fence, he turned south toward his second-floor windows and saw Theroux standing on his balcony, filming/photographing/recording Norman. ‘Easy,’ said Theroux in his best Clint Eastwood imitation. Realizing Theroux was trying to entrap him, Mr. Resnicow simply went about his business under Theroux’s baleful gaze. Who is stalking whom?”

Both sides are due in court Wednesday.